Our hope

Words of affection, spreading happiness.

Our hope is to spread happiness among babies by speaking to them with words of affection.

Each and every baby is important and precious. There would be nothing more splendid than for all babies to be swathed in deep affection from the moment they are born, and for them to feel happiness as they grow.

If parents and others can spend time with their babies,speaking to them using words full of affection, then those babies will know that they are treasured and loved, and they will feel happiness.

During such times, babies’ happiness will sprout,then broaden and grow. This is also the time when parenting can make adults feel at ease.Books can produce such relaxing times so naturally.

‘Through the sharing of books, our hope is that everyone will be able to enjoy some relaxed moments interacting with their babies.’

The aim of Bookstart is to create opportunities for both babies and carers to open their hearts and share their feelings and happiness, through words of affection being spoken to babies, warm and secure in the cuddle of their carer.


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